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  • I don't have any upper body strength/experience, can I still join?
    All our level 1 classes are designed for beginners. These classes will help you build strength and gain experience so don't be shy and book yourself in!
  • I'm older/bigger/male/under 18, can I still join?
    We welcome people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. The pole and aerial arts communities are some of the most inclusive. You'll be welcomed from the second you step through the door. All that we ask is that you are of sound health as starting a new sport such as pole or aerial can be intense at first as you learn a whole new way of moving and engaging your body. All our evening classes are for 17+ and we have teens classes for 11-13years and 14-16years.
  • What should I wear to pole/aerial?
    For pole classes, shorts are essential. Make sure they are suitable for sporting activity, so no denim or anything that doesn't stretch or isn't breathable. Tank tops and T-shirts are also fine. You will need the skin on your legs and arms to help grip the pole. For silks, hoop, hammock and trapeze, you should wear form fitting clothing suitable for physical activity such as leggings and fitted tops to avoid catching them on the equipment which can rip your clothing. The risk is minimal but better safe than sorry. To minimise risk of damage such as scratches or holes/rips to our equipment, please wear clothing that is free of zips/buttons/catches. All classes are done in socks or bare feet (unless specified) and all jewellery must also be removed.
  • I have experience, what level should I join?
    If you already have experience in pole/aerial, you can check out the 'What level are your classes?' section of the website or get in touch and we can help you work out which level suits your ability best and go from there.
  • What is your COVID policy?
    We no longer have any strict COVID policies in place however we strongly encourage everyone to practice good hygiene, such as wearing clean clothing to class and to sanitise/wash their hands regularly, etc. Participants will share equipment, you will not be able to socially distance yourself and any spotting for safety, will require your qualified instructor to come in close to physically support you.
  • How long are classes/how much do you charge?
    From 2024, each term will be 8 weeks long. All classes are 60mins long except for our most advanced classes which are 90 mins long. 2024 terms are: Term 1: 8 Jan - 3 Mar Term 2: 4 Mar - 28 Apr Term 3: 29 Apr - 23 Jun CLOSED: 21 Jun - 7 Jul Term 4: 8 Jul - 1 Sep Term 5: 2 Sep - 27 Oct Term 6: 28 Oct - 22 Dec All Level 1 classes require credits to book in so you will need to purchase a pass. For Level 2 and above classes, you can purchase a pass or PAYG. For the advanced 90min classes, you will book into the full term which is £145. Bronze pass (8 credits, recommended for one class per week) = £110 Silver pass (16 credits, recommended for two classes per week) = £175 Gold pass (24 credits, recommended for three classes per week) = £230 PAYG drop in is £20/class. Privates are charged per session. 1-2-1 session - £40 (1 individual for 1 hour) 2-2-1 session - £60 (2 individuals for 1 hour) 3-2-1 session - £75 (3 individuals for 1 hour) Get in contact if you would like to book in for a private session or if you would like to book in larger parties. We have Open Practice sessions for both members and non-members. Please check website for details and pricing. You must book in and make full payment in advance to secure a space in one of our classes. Refer to Book Online at the top of our website to book your spot. NB - payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • What can I use my credits to book in to?
    Your credits can be used in virtually all classes, however, we strongly recommend booking in to the same class, once a week for the full term, especially for level 1 classes. Classes are progression based so what you learn at the start of the term could be essential for something at the end of the term. Pre-booking will also mean your space is secured.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We operate on a use it or lose it policy. If you don't use your credits within your current term, they won't be refunded or credited for future use. If you have already booked into a session, you can cancel and reschedule 24 hours before it starts to another session of similar level or for a weekend open practice session.
  • I can't find what I am looking for on your website
    If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via: -email - -phone/text/whatsapp - 07481602606 -on social media - just look up Flyaway Aerial Studio on Instagram or Facebook and message us there -or head to the Contact Us page at the top to drop us your message/query
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