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Pole Fitness

Pole has become a very popular alternative form of excercise as opposed to going to a gym. 

It combines dance movement with  acrobatic techinque performed on a fixed vertical pole that can be set to static or to spin.  

Pole dance is very expressive and has evolved from it's exotic beginnings to include styles like pole strength, pole art, contemporary pole, etc... Come along to find your style. 

Shorts are required when attending pole, please do not moisturise your skin before class as this will make you slide off the pole and all jewellery should be removed to avoid damaging the surface of the poles. 

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks has become increasingly popular due to increasing awareness from shows such as Cirque Du Soleil. 

Aerial silks (aka aerial fabric, tissu, etc) began its humble beginnings in the circus. They are a length of fabric folded in half and suspended from a height. 

A challenging and unique apparatus, silks combines strength and flexibility to perform climbs, wraps and drops.

Wearing form fitting clothing is recommended for silks to protect your skin from friction burns. So leggings and tops that you can tuck in are best. Please avoid any zips or catches as these can snag and rip the silks!


Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoops (aka lyra) are solid circular pieces of equipment that are suspended from a height.

Tricks and sequences can be learned and performed statically or on spin. 

Like silks, hoop also has its roots in the circus but have become increasingly linked with pole as studios include it in their timetables. 

Form fitting clothing is also required for hoop, again avoiding anything that has zips or catches. 

aerial hammock

similar discipline to aerial silk but instead of two lengths of fabric, you will be using a loop. 

A great way to learn to move in the air, a hammock can help you go deeper into stretches and poses to help improve overall flexibility while also being intense enough to build up strength and fitness levels. 



Now teaching trapeze!

Another aerial classic. A versatile piece that allows you to create shape, flow and movement using the solid bar and the the flexibility of the ropes. 

pole flow 
spin pole


New Pole Flow and Spin Pole classes added to our timetable. These classes can be pay per session or you can purchase a membership to book for multiple sessions or pick and choose which class you want to attend. ​

Min reqs: completed Level 1 at Flyaway or equivalent elsewhere.


teens aerial

We are bringing back teens aerial classes. 

If you have teens between 11-16, they can join us for aerial.

They will get to do hammock, silk and trapeze. 

Tue class is for 11-13yrs and Fri class is for 14-16yrs. 


Flyaway Aerial Studio was opened by sisters Anita and Tanya in June 2015 to bring pole fitness classes to the Lisburn area. In 2016, aerial hoop and aerial silk classes were also added to the timetable.

The studio is a spacious 1300 sqft open plan area with lots of natural light. There are 9 four metre high poles and 4 points for the aerial classes. 


Our poles are 45mm chrome X-Poles which can be set on static or spin. Our hoops come in variety of sizes to suit height and preference. Silks are all same stretch and grip thickness in a variety of colours. 

Check out our classes page for more details. 

The studio is conveniently located a few minutes drive from the centre of Lisburn in a security protected business park with plenty of free parking available. For those who do not drive, there is a bus route that stops on the Ballinderry Road near the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency which is a few minutes walk away. 

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